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4 Dec 2015

Australia’s La Trobe University would partner Singapore’s PSB Academy


With regard from Study Singapore Educational Consultancy it is confirmed that Australia’s La Trobe University would partner Singapore’s PSB Academy in providing three Bachelor science degrees starting in September 2015.

Australia’s La Trobe University would efficaciously partner PSB Academy, one of Singapore’s largest private education providers, to provide three of the university’s most familiar science degrees in Singapore. The joint venture was expediently launched at PSB Academy’s Delta Campus in Singapore last month. La Trobe-PSB Academy would provide beneficial Bachelor degrees in biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, and molecular biology.

This merit oriented courses are expected to start in September 2015 with a first year enrollment of about 150 part-time and full-time students. The beneficial courses are based on La Trobe University’s with cogent research strengths in fields respectively as popular microbiology, biochemistry and cell biology.

It is noted that reputed Professor Jane Long, La Trobe University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), who graced the occasion in Singapore to launch the beneficial partnership. With respect from Prof. Long, La Trobe’s scientific leadership in these amazing fields is professionally demonstrated in the official Excellence of Research Australia (ERA) rankings.

It was properly highlighted the vital importance of offering global opportunities for people, not only for full-time students, but also for those who have already entered the relevant workforce.

According to Study Singapore Educational Consultancy the La Trobe-PSB partnership is that it would afford global opportunities for passionate students to study both part-time and full-time. It is really vital important since people who are already engaged in the workforce, in related areas, have the good opportunity to take a La Trobe degree as a means of ameliorating themselves. They also meet the challenges of what is coming down the line for future. It is also thought that it would emphasize degree programs which would have a strong research focus and feature hands-on, technique-intensive learning. Moreover the popular biotechnology sector is one that is fastly growing and there is a demand for skilled personnel.