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7 Jul 2015

Campus Transfer in Curtin University (Singapore Campus)


Campus Transfer in Curtin Univerisity (Singapore Campus) to Australia

The technocrat members from StudySingapore professionally enumerate about the Campus transfer in Curtin University Singapore. It is widely elaborated that global students studying at Curtin University’s Singapore campus have a golden choice of transferring to Curtin’s campuses in Australia for obtaining any additional international experience.

According to StudySingapore educational consultancy firm the Curtin Singapore is second best off-shore campus of Australia’s Curtin University. Curtin Singapore is widely regarded as an Australian-based university which qualitatively offers local and international students with the prosperous opportunity to obtain an Australian university education in Singapore. It is conveyed that in Australia, Curtin would be the largest university in Western Australia, with almost 37,000 undergraduate students and 11,000 graduate students.

Apart from several beneficial courses in Curtin University Singapore the global students could actively request for a campus transfer at any time during their prosperous course and simply transfer out in the next semester.

To more getting into other details it is said that approval of an application is expediently determined by the Perth campus and would be assessed based on excellent academic record. Apart from this there would be interview session which is conducted prior to the processing of the effective Transfer of Campus form. The popular Transfer of Campus is only applicable to undergraduate and postgraduate students.
It is also confirmed that global students would have a wide choice of transferring to Perth or Sydney campus in Australia. The below video link is a testimonial about our current student who are happy about the campus transfer

Why Choose Curtin?

The StudySingapore considers Curtin University of Technology as Western Australia’s largest and most diverse university. The popular Curtin professionally strives for quality in teaching and provides a wide scale of beneficial courses in business, engineering, environment, health sciences, humanities and science.

It is best conveyed that Curtin’s prosperous courses prepare global students a suitable career, to be culturally marveled and a technically accomplished citizen of the globe. Their beneficial courses respond to global market trends in business, technology, science and the arts.

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