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4 Dec 2015

Careers and National University of Singapore


According to reputed Study Singapore Educational Consultancy the National University of Singapore is the leading global university centered in Asia. The National University of Singapore (NUS) is regarded as Singapore’s flagship university, which provides a global approach to education and research with a focus on Asian perspectives and expertise.

It is regarded as they have 16 faculties and schools across three campus locations in Singapore – Kent Ridge, Bukit Timah and Outram which cinch offer a broad-based curriculum underscored by multi-disciplinary courses and cross-faculty enrichment. National University of Singapore trans-formative education comprises programs respectively as student exchange, entrepreneurial internships at NUS Overseas Colleges, and double degree.

They also have joint degree programs with some of the world’s best universities, providing passionate students opportunities and challenges to realize their real potential. They have one of the best learning experiences which are really complemented by a vibrant residential life with avenues for artistic, cultural and sporting pursuits. There are more than 37,000 students from 100 countries further enrich the community with their cogent diverse social and cultural perspectives.

National University of Singapore has three quality Research Centers of Excellence (RCE) and 23 university-level research institutes and centers. They also comprise a partner for Singapore’s fifth RCE. The University efficaciously shares a close affiliation with 16 national-level research institutes and centers. It is revealed that research activities are most strategic and robust. National University of Singapore is well-known for their research strengths in engineering, life sciences and biomedicine, social sciences and natural sciences. One could find major research thrusts which have been made currently in numerous fields such as quantum technology; cancer and translational medicine; interactive and digital media; and the environment and water. This popular University also expediently strives to marvel a supportive and novel innovative environment to promote acumen creative enterprise within their community.

This reputed National University of Singapore is actively involved in international academic and research networks such as the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) and International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU). Eventually according to reputed Study Singapore Educational Consultancy they appreciated the performances of NUS.