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6 Jul 2015

Cost of studying in Singapore


For any passionate students the cost of studying in Singapore comes to mind before joining any beneficial courses. So the reputed Study Singapore Educational Consultancy has taken necessary steps to analyze about Cost of studying in Singapore.

It is cinch whilst not as affordable as other Asian destinations, is still reasonable compared to universities in the big three destinations respectively as United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia). This is one of the major factors that make Singapore a lucrative destination for global students seeking a quality education. Singapore utilizes the dollar, although it is the Singaporean Dollar which has a different rate to its American counterpart. The people should bear this in mind when checking costs.

On average, the individuals could expect to pay around US$10,000 per year for tuition fees, although it may completely depend on the beneficial course and institution. There are Arts courses which tend to be less expensive than Science courses.

All passionate students, be it domestic or international, are wholly eligible to apply for tuition grants with the Singaporean Ministry of Education. However, candidates could only apply for a tuition grant after having been provided a place on a course. Generally tuition grants cover most of the valuable costs of the tuition fees.

Moreover the grants are not repayable, but in return, all global students are required to sign a bond that would commit them to work for a Singapore-registered company for at least 3 years after finishing their degree. The period of the employment bond is longer for students of medicine (6 years) and dentistry (5 years).

When you take other aspects the standard of living is high, so Singapore is somewhat luxury place to live. The actual cost of living would vary depending on your beneficial course of study and individual lifestyle though. You could contact reputed Study Singapore Educational Consultancy to find out the latest costs of studying in Singapore.

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