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8 Jul 2015

Diploma in Business Administration (Accounting and Finance)


Diploma in Business Administration (Accounting and Finance)

Banking and Finance is a much sought after discipline. The knowledge and skills learned in the programme will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of theoretical principles and applications of banking and finance.

The Diploma in Business Administration (Banking and Finance) programme is developed for those who wish to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the theory and practice of banking and finance. Students in the programme will be able to understand and discuss current developments in the industry, and acquire knowledge and skills needed for a career in banking and finance.

At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:
Develop a sound understanding of contemporary theories and practices of banking and finance
Develop the capability to discuss and analyse economic and financial reports
Understand the nature of the financial system, and the roles of banks and other financial intermediaries
Assume higher levels of responsibility in management as a result of newly acquired/improved knowledge and skills

Business Decision Making
Principles of Accounting
Financial Management
Banking and Finance
Bank Management and Financial Services

The delivery of modules may not follow the sequence as shown and is subject to change.

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