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28 Aug 2015

Does tuition really help to raise students performance


Does tuition really help to raise students performance, according to popular Study Singapore Educational Consultancy there is no study which answers this question definitively, and academics say many factors could affect a student’s performance may be from his teachers to his parents’ educational levels. But for present generation there is an immediate need to study the tuition phenomenon, given its relative   pervasiveness and the time with money spent on it.

The just-published survey of 500 households found a high prevalence of tuition here almost seven in 10 families sent their children for extra classes after their primary education time. It is noted that median amount spent on tuition was $155 a month for pre-school, $205 for primary school and $260 for secondary school. Moreover the Household Expenditure Survey released last year conveyed that families spent a staggering $1.1 billion a year on tuition.

Like most other correlation qualities studies analyzed here and overseas, the quality survey also suggests that tuition does not lead to significant gains or any merit oriented features. It is also found that survey only a third of parents said tuition guided to pull up their children’s grades. Presently the chant for Study Singapore has become more evident among students. 

During the famous 2009 Program for International Student Assessment (Pisa) studied on 15-year-old ranked Singapore first among 18 countries when it came to field of tuition. The cogent study found that those who had tuition did not do better in the Pisa test than those who did not. In other major study by popular economists Euston Quah and Roland Cheo published a decade ago even enumerated that too much private tuition could hurt performance of students. The study also found that among students of the same ability, those who spent more time on tuition constantly fared worse than those who had spent fewer hours. Study in Singapore is fast becoming popular among global students.

With respect from Study Singapore Educational Consultancy there are the opportunity costs. Tuition time could be better spent on sports and other beneficial activities that build skills respectively as leadership and teamwork, which may be more important for long-term success. Is tuition a waste of time, effort and money? Does it hurt students instead? There is an immediate requirement to look into these key issues.

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