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Education creates way for sustainable future
12 Nov 2015

Education creates way for sustainable future


It is proud to see that Education creates way for sustainable future and beneficial for passionate students. In recent times the concept of Study in Singapore has become prominent factor in education sector.There is also need to “bring in schools and children, and make them realize what needs to be done, if could not to lose Singapore natural heritage. The Singapore governmental efforts in ameliorating and promoting environmental sustainability through education was much appreciated. First, environmental education, be it water conservation or recycling, is incorporated into the formal curriculum, in qualitative subjects respectively as science, social studies and geography. This is unlike the education systems in other respective countries.

It is also noted that informal education, respectively as field trips to incinerator plants and to the Semakau landfill, are carried out by governmental agencies, namely as the National Environment Agency, to permit zeal students for learning more about waste management. Moreover there are many “green”-themed events and competitions which are hosted by several private organizations such as the Green Wave environmental care project hosted by Sembcorp Marine, which professionally encourages students to come up with novel efficacious approaches to solve environmental problems.

You could also find many schools collaborating with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in the Eco-Schools Program for striving to make environmental sustainability an integral part of school life. Just like how Character and Citizenship Education is mandatory for primary and secondary schools, environmental education has also been efficaciously incorporated into formal education.

It would be expediently to see this extend beyond primary and secondary schools, to tertiary education as well. For example an environmental education module may be included to the current general education program at local familiar universities. Thus eventually the Education in Singapore offers future generation with endless possibilities towards an environmentally sustainable future.

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