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6 Oct 2015

Education System for the future


The education system for the future would be driven not just by national requirement but also the “bottom-up” aspirations of Singaporeans according to co-Acting Education Minister Ong Ye Kung.

Moreover his professional ministry would pursue an education system driven by bottom-up aspirations which in turn would have a positive impact on the way higher education is shaping up.

It means that the people would cinch see a lot more diversity in education system, not just in terms of the courses you normally attend, what eminent university you attend, but how you learn, when you learn, who will learn. This would efficaciously lead to diversity in credentials that people beneficially achieve, and impact how those qualifications are considered among in society.

Mr Ong also specially added that in the past, the education system was driven by national requirements such as valuable training workers to attract foreign investment and organizations into Singapore. All the students we take in, one must ensure they stay within the system, particularly those passionate students that are from a more disadvantaged background, they do not drop out of school.

In recent years the concept of Study in Singapore has grown large among global students and parents. The quality schools have to ensure that when they feed students into our higher education system, they are well professionally prepared and they’re able to enjoy the education with maximum benefit.

In the area of Higher Education and Skills, the Ministry of Education MOE would be efficaciously doing more to drive the key national Skills Future effort to support all zeal learners’ students, youths and adults. They would actually discover and nurture individual talents with potential abilities. Later they provide Singaporeans more opportunities to marvel and deepen their skills. This would have all vital implications on the way people learn, what credentials they achieve, and recognition from society. Still the popularity of Study Singapore concept exists with higher thoughts among students.



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