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7 Jul 2015

Employment Pass (EP) in Singapore


According to technical core members from Study Singapore the modern world has not only experienced an ameliorated movement in quality resources and acumen products, but people thrive for superlative economic growth. In order to assist in the movement of members of the global economy, there are many prosperous choices of Passes and Visas available in Singapore.

The Employment Pass (EP) is the major kind of Singapore work visa issued to foreign professional employees, valid managers, and owners/directors of Singapore organizations. This exclusive permit is for foreign professionals in field of managerial, executive or for specialized jobs. The authorized organization that issues these passes would be actively from the Ministry of Manpower. It is believed that there would be no quota system constricting the number of valid Employment Passes which are relatively issued to an organization.

With more details extracted from information centre is that Employment Pass is normally issued for 1-2 years at a time and renewable thereafter. A valid EP visa enables one to work, live in Singapore and travel in and out of the country freely without having to further apply for Singapore entry visas. This actually increases the simplicity of conducting business activities in a professional manner. For more details on the procedures on the application of employment pass, you can view the below Info graphics for better understanding. It is also conveyed that possessing an EP allows one to apply for PR in Singapore.

It is customary factor that the relevant hiring agency must make applications for Employment Passes on behalf of a valid job candidate. More over the reports of any change in employer must be made and would certainly require a new application. The Study Singapore professional members enumerate more about the requirements and procedure for application below. It is adeptly illustrated as Infographic projections.

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