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4 Dec 2015

Enhanced post-diploma courses to keep polytechnic graduates industry-relevant


With respect from Study Singapore Educational Consultancy the Senior Minister of State for Education Indranee Rajah expediently announced the launch of enhanced post-diploma certificate (PDC) courses at Temasek Polytechnic’s graduation ceremony.

It is conveyed that they could be taken on a standalone basis, and are intensive, full-time courses that last for one to two months.

In a latest development there are ten enhanced PDC courses would be efficaciously introduced in October. Much jubilation is that each polytechnic would provide two, in areas ranging from embedded systems and mobile computing to marine production

They also confirm that from October this year, passionate polytechnic graduates could look forward to enrolling in 10 different enhanced post-diploma certificate courses to keep themselves industry-relevant, ranging from shipyard operations to data analytic. This decision was taken and specially announced by Senior Minister of State of Ministry of Education Indranee Rajah.

According to Study Singapore Educational Consultancy these enhanced courses are focused at guiding passionate graduates refresh and deepen their knowledge with relevant skills for their respective industries. Ti is also thought that they are being introduced as part of SkillsFuture, a national movement to ameliorate global students and workers to marvel specialized industry-relevant skills.

After several analyses the enhanced courses would be run in a format different from existing post-diploma programs. Presently, post-diploma certificate courses are run as part of an advanced diploma or specialist diploma course.

Besides just receiving an education, it also encourages students to have good work-life balance. The global students could establish and maintain various interest clubs and events are often organized by the firm which offers students opportunities to network outside classrooms, and also to be involved with the related industries and local communities. It was also thought that good projects not only assist them to master various theories in their fields but also provide students opportunities to apply ideas that are relevant to the industry, and to particularly challenge any existing industrial practices.