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10 Dec 2015

Exporting Singapore’s training methods


It has become everyone debating point that Exporting Singapore’s training methods is familiar aspect in world arena. As Singapore’s knack for always topping the charts of global mathematics and science tests gains eminent fame, its teacher training methods have also cherished interest across the globe.

More recently it is accomplished that the popular National Institute of Education (NIE) International – the business consultancy arm of NIE – has been professionally training more educators globally in quality leadership skills, curriculum planning and expedient teaching methods. What was once regarded as a “very small unit within one of NIE’s program offices” has become more vital way that the teacher training institute efficaciously shares its expertise abroad. The reputed consultancy, which began during 2003, took in revenue of $5 million to $6 million annually in the past three years.

In past years, they generally raked in an average of $3 million to $4 million, adding that the earnings fluctuate yearly depending on the size of beneficial projects. It is slated that first request came from Abu Dhabi more than 10 years ago to review the quality of its cogent teachers, and expediently train them. One of the consultancy’s suggestions was for a teacher training college, which it later assisted to set up.Since then, it has almost trained about 7,000 educators from about 35 countries in field of areas respectiively as teaching and assessment method, with effective school management.

Their persuasive flagship program, which was adeptly launched in 2006, is the Leaders-in-Education Program International, a two-week course in which quality participants gather at the NIE to network and brainstorm on changes in education and school leadership. More recently it is also cherished that advanced global concept of Study in Singapore has become common among zeal students It is also noted that they visit schools here to learn about the efficacious system. In addition the effective program has trained 363 educators so far.

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