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National drive slowly gaining traction
26 Oct 2015

Grooming students for the workplace


Grooming students for the workplace has become vital in this modern world of education. It is also revealed that other big issue in education which cinch requires further work is SkillsFuture, a positive national movement started last year to offer Singaporeans with global opportunities in developing their best potential throughout life.

The MOE professional officials have strongly stressed that, increasingly, just having a degree won’t do. It is not actually that qualifications don’t matter. They must be the right qualifications which would enable young people to go further in their selective prosperous careers. And this must be conglomerated with deep skills and on-the-job experience.

Moreover the Earn and Learn scheme, where Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and polytechnic graduate could qualitatively work. Further their beneficial qualifications at the same time, was one of the cogent initiatives launched under SkillsFuture. The efficacious pathways offered under SkillsFuture are part of the Government’s effort to diverse numerous choices to Singaporeans.

The education system is expediently evolving to take into account the aspirations and best talents of Singaporeans. They must also take into account economic and social changes taking place around the globe as they have positive implications on higher education. It is also noted that the traditional lines between products and services are eroding. More positively the future generations would naturally have a big successful university which has no classrooms. Many students and parents continue to trust that only a university degree would secure them a good future. This mindset has to be changed.

In recent times the chant for Study in Singapore has become prominent among students. From last year, the Government has taken major steps to provide civil servants without degrees the same prospects as those who are perhaps holding university graduates. The cogent employers should also be encouraged to change their regular practice of paying less to non-graduates who perform the same job as graduates.

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