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Growing the Impact of Management Education and Scholarship
22 Feb 2016

Growing the Impact of Management Education and Scholarship


It was much popular talk about topic called Growing the Impact of Management Education and Scholarship. The popular Singapore Management University (SMU) with President Professor Arnoud De Meyer and SMU office of strategic planning & Quality Assurance Sriven Naidu, worked together with six other university leaders from University of St Gallen (Switzerland), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), Universite Paris Dauphine (France) and FGV-EBAPE (Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration) for tracing the actual emergence, role and future prosperous contributions of ‘universities for business and management’.

It was highly noted that management education is transforming its efficacious delivery and acumen learning techniques to embrace new global possibilities provided by technology and digitalization. Moreover the popular corporate leaders wish management graduates with the strong ability to look beyond the obvious, to question assumptions, to be more acumen and to understand how business is a part of society and not apart from respective society. 

The sophisticated students around the globe are also demanding that management syllabi be re-assessed to professionally equip them to make a better world and not just adeptly deliver better short-term returns to shareholders at the expense of other relevant legitimate stakeholders.

One could find many undergraduate business programs remain too narrow and immensely focused on management techniques and theories. While there are some institutions which continually experiment with developing students for perfect innovation, entrepreneurial thinking or navigating a business environment set in a universal world that is almost culturally diverse, but yet highly connected. These prosperous institutions are sincerely committed to developing graduate and undergraduate students to discharge their expedient duties to society responsibly.

They also enumerated that management universities have the collective potential to highly innovate and amplify the profile with adverse impact of management education. It also governs scholarship for society by adeptly pursuing synergies across interdisciplinary education, familiar research and practice-relevant scholarship by artfully enlisting technology. Eventually the popular educational consultancy namely Study Singapore appreciates these serious implications to how the next generation of business leaders is cultivated.

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