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3 Dec 2015

Growth of Private Education


Among many positive phases of modern Singapore the Growth of Private Education has yielded prosperous aspects. The shake-up of private schools has guaranteed that only those of a higher quality remain, is right to note that the Government seeking to profile students who attend private universities, as well as their persuasive motivations.

In fact, with concerns over the underemployment of degree-holders, studying the mindsets of students would be beneficial. Details about their backgrounds, particularly if these students already possess a diploma or a certificate from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), could influence policy directions. The best desire to enroll in a private school likely stems from entrenched mindsets that the academic pathway and by extension, a college degree is pragmatically necessarily superior, and that best jobs would follow. The individuals also focus to structural barriers, such as those in the civil service, which appear to benefit university graduates.

The cogent results from the graduate employment survey recently released by the Singapore Institute of Management professionally enumerated that its graduates begin with slightly lower salaries than those from publicly funded universities, students remain apprised that these starting salaries as well as rates of employ-ability are much higher compared with passionate graduates from polytechnics.

It is also noted that parents also tend to prefer to foresee their children undertake higher education, thereby reducing education inflation. The prominent suggestion for a review to be conducted of the private education industry, to “see how it could be roped into the SkillsFuture movement to ameliorate Singaporeans for building up prosperous job-relevant qualifications and skills. One should not forget the vital importance of career guidance from a young age cannot be overlooked.

In present times the concept of Study in Singapore has become prominent among students.Interestingly strengthening education and career guidance was a vital recommendation mooted by the Applied Study in Polytechnics and ITE Review (Aspire) Committee last year, for passionate students to make informed decisions for the future. It is also recommended that the value of a diploma or ITE certificate should be ascertained by the industry, through closer partnerships with firms and the matching of job opportunities.

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