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23 May 2016

What are the hot jobs in Singapore for 2016


Everyone would be keen to know what are the hot jobs in Singapore for 2016. While this year’s highest-paying jobs in Singapore are respectively in five sectors namely as information technology (IT); accounting, sales and marketing; banking and finance; and the healthcare and life sciences. This was according to a new report by staffing organization Kelly Services.

Because of hit by the international slump in commodities and manufacturing demand, three sectors featured in last year’s top five list are out of this year’s ranking respectively as oil, gas and petrochemicals; pharmaceuticals; and semiconductors.

It is enumerated that IT tops the 2016 list with technology heads expected to command between S$13,000 and S$24,000 a month, with respect to the Kelly Singapore 2016 Salary Guide.

The popular organization conveyed that the Government’s aggressive infocomm sector development is behind the emergence of IT as one of the highest paying industries. With specific terms of occupations, some of the hot jobs for 2016 are namely as compliance manager, fintech developer, big data developer, digital marketing manager and scientific and regulatory affairs specialist.

Despite the hard challenges in the international economy, bright spots remain in the financial technology, quality big data, as well as digital marketing sectors demand for talent which would actually continue to rise throughout 2016.The professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) have been hit hardest by the slowdown should look at up skilling and expanding their capabilities into new areas of growth to stay relevant expediently.

The company also reveal that international economic volatility would lead to more employers turning to temporary and contract work arrangements to fulfill manpower requirements. There is a requirement for a mindset shift by the Singaporean workforce to look beyond permanent roles, particularly in the present economic environment. Eventually the familiar educational consultancy namely Study Singapore expediently enumerate about What are the hot jobs in Singapore for 2016.


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