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Educators must nurture curious minds
2 Nov 2015

Importance of literature education for the future


Amidst many global changes in education field the English language successfully retains its paramount importance as a compulsory first-language subject in all national schools. Importance of literature education for the future has been much discussed now.

Moreover the popular English literature education occupies a more marginalized position. The Singapore nation joyfully celebrates its 50th birthday. There is big question in every mind that Will literature education has a significant public role in Singapore society in future? Looking further ahead, such a question calls for a renewed vision of literature education, one centered on the ideals of a cosmopolitan approach that could professionally equip students with the sensitivities and dispositions for a modern globalised age.

Cosmopolitanism stems from the Greek term denoting citizen of the globe. Therefore, a cosmopolitan literature education marvels passionate students to what it means to live, in relation to others in the universe. Its strong focus is for students to be exposed to, as well as to empathies and engage with, multiple and marginalized others in the universe. This does actually mean that literature education should be utilized for didactic moral training. It is noted that literature education offers a platform for critical discussions about what it means to live the quality life.

Ethics was an important aspect of education during the time of ancient Greece and China, with quality philosophers respectively as eminent Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and Confucius. They brought contemplate such essential questions about typical human existence and special purpose. The key interest in virtue ethics was specially contributed by reputed philosophers of the late 20th century has led to a shift away from the self’s preoccupation with living a moral life. It could be expediently attentive to and responsible for others in the globe, especially those who are victimized marginalized and oppressed.

In recent past the new concept of Study in Singapore has become more prominent among students and parents. Eventually a cosmopolitan literature education continues to emphasize marveling passionate students with required skills that enable them to critically appreciate and interrogate language.

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