Study, Work, Live in Singapore


Singapore is well connected via sea, air and telecommunications to all parts of the world. Singapore Changi Airport receives more than 30 million passengers yearly and serves a network of global airlines which fly to more than 150 cities. It has been nominated as the best airport in the world for many consecutive years. Home to the busiest port in the world, it is quite truly the gateway to the Southeast. Singapore is also one of the most wired countries in Asia, with its sophisticated communication networks.

Housing ownership is encouraged by the government to give citizens an asset in the country. About 85% of Singaporeans are living in government-built housing. Seamless accessibility to all parts of the island is available in this country, often recognised for its quality and efficient land transport system. The introduction of an EZ-link card – a contactless stored value card where consumers need only flash the card in front of a card reader that automatically deducts the required travel fare, is an example of the continuous commitment by the government to make travel faster and easier.