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Interesting facts about SG50
21 Mar 2016

Interesting facts about SG50


In the year 2065, Singaporeans would be actively cracking open an SG50 time capsule comprising 50 items voted by the public as representative of Singapore. It is noted that box of historical items was officially sealed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at a ceremony.

The various objects sealed away are nods to nostalgia, comprising a ticket to the 1994 Malaysia Cup football final, an old National Library membership card, and a coffee sock used in local coffee shops. Moreover these would be retrieved in time for SG100.

Time capsules were popularized during 1930s, and the practice has survived the test of time. The time capsule from British colonial times is virtually buried under the foundation stone of the National Gallery Singapore, formerly the Supreme Court Building. It includes some Singapore newspapers dating back to March 31, 1937, and a handful of Straits Settlements coins. It is said that no one alive today is likely to view it as it is scheduled to be opened only in the year 3000. They are buried, and literally forgotten.

The apt building plans of the former National Stadium, newspapers dated Feb 23, 1970 and Singapore notes of the era are few of the valuable items that have been lost, possibly forever, along with a time capsule that was virtually buried under the old stadium’s foundation stone. It is enumerated that the copper cylinder was laid in 1970 by one of Singapore’s founding leaders, eminent personality namely Dr Goh Keng Swee.

It was actually carried from Empress Place to the site of the National Stadium by a team of runners. Interestingly even former high-jump champion nor popular Azahar Hamid who ran the last leg of the race in 1970, could not remember where exactly it was buried. There are qualitative reports which conveyed that it is trusted to be under the demolished stadium’s west entrance.

Amazingly the stadium is now no more, and despite sincere efforts to turn over every stone at the site in Kallang, it virtually appears that the capsule has also vanished. In a big effort metal detectors were proved not up to the task, and a $50,000 was even provided for any worker who found the capsule, but there were no takers. As of now it is conveyed that there is a new time capsule for the Sports Hub that would be unearthed in 2040. According to Study Singapore the popular educational consultancy in Singapore appreciates the Interesting facts about SG50.

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