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4 Dec 2015

Internships help students decide on graduation plans: Polytechnic survey


In a latest Polytechnic survey report it conveys that Internships help students decide on graduation plans. The reputed Study Singapore Educational Consultancy enumerates that work experience is key in assisting young people to make career decisions, and influencing them to stay in respective jobs. It was known from a recent polytechnic survey has found.

It is noted that Ngee Ann Polytechnic polled more than 850 of their global students before and after they went on internships in their final year. They are professionally part of the batch of full-time 5,177 students graduating from the polytechnic this year.

They are the first polytechnic-wide survey where Ngee Ann Polytechnic has conducted to search out how internships affect students’ job plans after successful graduation, in a bid to ameliorate such work stints in line with popular SkillsFuture. It is a national movement to ameliorate passionate students and workers to develop specialized with industry oriented skills. The zeal students were offered the online questionnaire before and after they went on their work placements, which virtually ranged from periods of two to 11 months.

It is also conveyed that polytechnic found that internships offered students more certainty in their graduation plans. There are only 18 per cent which were still undecided about what to do after graduation, after going on successful internships which is effectively compared to 32 per cent who were unsure before their exact placements.

It is also conveyed that after internships there is almost 63 per cent of those polled said they would pursue their passionate interests in fields related to what they studied. It is up from 53 per cent of students who virtually indicated the same before their beneficial internships.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic revealed these beneficial findings at their first graduation ceremony this year. It is also conveyed that more than 60 per cent of passionate students expressed interest in a second beneficial internship.

According to Study Singapore Educational Consultancy the polytechnic held their first in a series of graduation ceremonies for almost 300 graduates with their school of film and media studies. It was also widely encouraged the graduates to stay relevant by continuing for learning skills required in a modern changing world.