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7 Jul 2015

La Trobe University, Australia Programs in Singapore


PSB Academy Bachelor Programs Awarded by La Trobe University, Australia

The professional members from StudySingapore strongly suggest all Bachelor programs awarded by La Trobe University, Australia from PSB Academy respectively

· Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences

· Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology)

· Bachelor of Science (Pharmaceutical Science)

Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences

Among all Bachelor programs biomedical science is considered as the study of the human body with its structure and functionalities in health and disease. Therefore the Biomedical scientists need an exclusive understanding of fields like medical biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology. Apart from this they also should understand fields like cell and molecular biology, physiology, infectious diseases and neuroscience.

This program primarily focuses to offer you a efficacious understanding of human disorders and their relevant molecular basis. The prominent subjects that global students cover are similar to the pre-clinical components of medicine and dentistry.

Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology)

It is revealed that science primarily seeks answers to few of the most significant questions facing humankind. With effects of climate change, quality medicines to treat cancer, expedient ways to protect endangered animals and much more undue challenges all required answers from global science. Therefore by selecting science as bachelor would so worthy in benefit of global people.

According to La Trobe University, Australia their Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology) is a program qualitatively offers global students the great opportunity in focusing on subjects directly related to Molecular Biology as that of to a popular generic science degree. This degree expediently permits global students to marvel skills that are hugely regarded and richly valued in the fields of biotechnology and medical bioscience industries.

Bachelor of Science (Pharmaceutical Science)

Program Duration

The program could be completed within 24 for full-time and 48 months for the part-time pathways.

Program Structure

The global students would primarily undertake 24 modules, which would be delivered and cherished by students.

Assessment and Examination

Assessment for this program qualitatively includes prominent assignments, tests, projects and final examinations.

Eventually the professional advisory members of StudySingapore strongly recommend Bachelor programs namely Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology) and Bachelor of Science (Pharmaceutical Science) awarded by La Trobe University, Australia for PSB Academy Singapore. These programs are well augmented from student’s global community. In modern world of changing education pattern most of the students prefer these above courses and get recognition from international audiences. These changing trends are well executed by StudySingapore and enumerate about the valid importance of these Science programs for benefit of global students.

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