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26 May 2016

Law Degrees get tick


It is enumerated that the popular Law Degrees get tick. The Australian universities with campuses in Singapore would find a warmer reception to their requests they be able to use the word university, under the new free trade agreement.

Moreover from July, the eminent James Cook University would become the first local university to be able to use the word university in relation to its famous Singapore campus, replacing the unwieldy James Cook University Institute of Higher Education.

Under the FRA, Singapore has sincerely committed to facilitate consideration of requests from Australian universities to use the term “University for a Campus in Singapore, taking into account prevailing policy. Presently there are six local universities which have a presence in Singapore.

The FTA would also view 10 university juris doctor programs recognized, as well as postgraduate medical degrees from the University of Queensland and ANU. There are another 15 allied health qualifications in occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy will also be recognizes. In addition Australia would recognize law degrees from the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and the SIM University.

It is also slated that the FTA would also bring about a joint strategic dialogue on innovation and science, specifically between the CSIRO and its counterpart A*STAR, with a joint $50 million to be actively put into a dedicated fund over period of five years. The 10 universities that would have their JD and LLB programs recognized are respectively as ANU, Flinders, Monash, Melbourne, Murdoch, UNSW, UQ, Sydney, UTas and UWA.

Eventually more number of degrees from Australia and Singapore universities would be efficaciously recognized under a new agreement to strengthen the partnership between both leading countries. The vital key among the beneficial moves is the recognition of the Juris Doctor (JD) degrees awarded by the 10 Australian universities, which have already been specially approved for their law degrees.

The news of Law Degrees get tick was well appreciated by popular educational consultancy namely Study Singapore. Altogether Australia would recognize the undergraduate and JD law degrees of Singapore universities, subject to applicable conditions in the Singapore-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

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