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24 Aug 2015

Modern Singapore Education


The popular Study Singapore Educational Consultancy enumerate about the Modern Singapore Education. It is revealed that Singapore’s meteoric rise as an education power has been nothing less than most remarkable. They have taken just over four decades slightly more than one generation to efficaciously marvel from an essentially illiterate nation with factually no natural resources to a global class education system, and a vigorously expanding knowledge economy. Basically there was no real magic formula for their rise. Moreover it was not even a new formula. It all goes to conglomeration of Vision, Direction, Courage and commitment.

According to Study Singapore Educational Consultancy, Lee Kuan Yew, the ‘father of modern Singapore,’ had a vision of a nation viable, sustainable and relevant in the modern advance world. He professionally understood education as not a luxury but as a necessity to realizing their quality vision. Then, he went about marveling it so. Study in Singapore is becoming fast popular among global students.

It was revealed that he selected the most capable people to run the country. His prolific intellectual elites were appointed to government positions. They were professionally tasked with developing an education system that would drive economic growth through massive industry development. Moreover they actually required a quality education system that would build citizenship and offer for social cohesion of a variety of races and religions. The chant for Study Singapore has always appreciated among students.

It is thought that crisis concentrated minds. So these leaders became students. They actually went about gathering ideas, knowledge and best practices, sending the quality individuals of their society abroad to become educated, while efficaciously importing selected world advisers to their own shores. Eventually it qualitatively resulted in top practices adopted in global education, as well as universal business and government.

Moreover Singapore also started recruiting quality professors from around the globe, strengthening the nation’s university system. It ultimately opened their doors to foreign business, which assisted to drive the requirement for training and for acumen professionals, as well as ameliorating the cogent profile of the education profession to one of privilege.

The result were as good as imagined

  • The student achieved on global comparative exams at or near the top of the PISA scores and TIMSS results
  • Teachers in Singapore drawn from the top third of university graduating classes
  • Universities in Singapore now among the best in the world, in both pedagogy and research
  • Nation regarded as the most literate on the planet
  • Even per capita income that now exceeds the United States


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