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20 Oct 2015

MOE to roll out more education and career guidance resources


In a latest development the professional body of MOE would be doing more to drive the key national effort with respect to SkillsFuture for supporting all learners, from students, to youths, to adults. Moreover it is revealed that MOE to roll out more education and career guidance resources. The Education Ministry would offer more beneficial resources for parents with school-going children to assist them guide their children in making more informed education and career choices.

The Education and Career Guidance Guide would be efficaciously meliorated for parents of students at the upper primary and lower secondary school levels, the Ministry of Education (MOE) proudly announced. The expedient guide, which would be distributed from next month, is meant to assist parents better support their kids in discovering their passionate interests and passion while specially learning about the future working world.

The persuasive body of MOE conveyed that the guide would sincerely complement the work of the professional core of Education and Career Guidance Counsellors which it has marveled for deployment at numerous schools. It is also revealed that first batch of 50 counsellors is expected to be sent out in October as well.

Moreover it was specially announced earlier this year that as part of the national SkillsFuture blueprint, each polytechnic and ITE college would qualitatively get six such counselors and for every five secondary schools, junior colleges and centralized institute, there would be one assigned counselor. The chant for Study in Singapore has become more popular among students and parents.

The Parents whose children are entering Primary One next year would also be given more beneficial resources to assist their child transit smoothly into primary school. The Education Ministry has efficaciously marveled an activity book which comprise beneficial tips and recommended key activities to encourage conversations and guide parents reinforce values with routines that children practice in schools.

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