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26 Sep 2015

More pursuing Aussie degrees in institutions here


According to latest news source from Study Singapore Educational Consultancy there are more students from Singapore are opting to get Australian degrees through private institutions here. More pursuing Aussie degrees in institutions here has become recent source.

The high value of the Australian dollar in the last few years and the expansion of Australian provision here have encouraged more to stay.The number of students here studying for Australian degrees inclined to 31,000 last year, up from 26,000 in 2010 Australian government , a primary Australian government illustrated shown. About 70 per cent are Singaporeans. It is also noted that Australian universities make up the biggest proportion of foreign schools providing beneficial degree courses with private schools here, with more than 20 doing so now. These qualitatively comprise popular James Cook, Curtin, Newcastle and Monash universities. Recently Study in Singapore concept has increasingly popular among students.

They are established expediently with more than 10 years of experience and their prosperous degrees are well-recognized by employers.Even though they have eminent local partner institutions, some, comprising Newcastle and Murdoch universities, have their own deans and chief operating officers here. It is also noted that they hire their own faculty here on top of flying in professors from the home country to conduct the programs. Presently the teaching staff have also professionally started conducting research that is relevant to Singapore, and are even winning research grants from organisations here. The chant for Study Singapore has become evident among students.

Mr Philip Green, the Australian High Commissioner to Singapore, conveyed that Australia’s education providers are expanding their presence in Singapore beyond course delivery. Qualitative research collaboration between two countries is increasingly a immense focus for universities such as the University of Adelaide, James Cook University (JCU) and the University of Newcastle.

For example, the University of Adelaide recently announced a new Asia Growth Research Centre, based at the Ngee Ann-Adelaide Education Centre in Singapore. Most of those registered in Australian degree programs here are polytechnic diploma holders attracted to this beneficial way of obtaining a recognized foreign degree. Moreover tuition fees are, on average, 30 per cent to 40 per cent less than what they would be actually charged in Australia, due to lower costs here.

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