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6 Jul 2015

National University of Singapore (NUS) is second best Asian University


With respect from popular Study Singapore Educational Consultancy it is known that National University of Singapore (NUS) has successfully regarded as the second best Asian University according to a recent Poll survey.

More over apart from being Second Best University it has also maintained ranking of 24 among top universities worldwide. Thus it has slipped three positions to be No. 24 in the latest Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings. The good news is they have regained their place as Asia’s second best university, after the University of Tokyo, in the recent ranking released today.

The popular Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has actually fell from the 71st to 80th band in 2013 to the 91st to 100th band last year, retained slot in the same placing. It is believed that only the top 50 schools are given a specific rank.

According to familiar London-based magazine, which based qualitatively their ranking on the opinions of 10,500 senior academics, enumerated NUS changed position as a minor slip which should not be cause for too much concern.

The reputed Study Singapore Educational Consultancy expediently noted that NUS has become No. 2 in Asia, up from No. 3 last year, and remains one of the top 25 most prestigious universities in the world.

They also appreciated and applaud that there are around 20,000 higher education institutions in the world, this is an amazing achievement. More over adding that competition at the top is very intense and immense. The Study Singapore Educational Consultancy also explains that Singapore’s two leading institutions are well and truly embedded among the world’s best global university brands.

With initial response to the ranking, NUS members are truly heartened that NUS remains among the world’s top 25 universities and has ameliorated their placing as second in Asia. The success was mainly due to primarily because of a strong endorsement of NUS focus in four important areas respectively as nurturing talent, educational innovation, building research peaks and developing strategic partnerships.

In another interesting move was that England has the second most number of universities in the top 100. The popular Cambridge University moved into second place, up from fourth last year, followed by Oxford University, in third. However overall this year, the familiar American universities continue to dominate, taking 26 of the top 50 places, with Harvard University keeping their top spot.

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