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New Approach to Singapore Education
10 Oct 2015

New Approach to Singapore Education


In a latest development the ratio of students to teaching staff in primary schools is 16.5 students and this virtually falls to 13.2 students in secondary school according to recent data from the Education Statistics. New Approach to Singapore Education has been thought for a while. The popular Universities which take the top 30 per cent of the academic population in 2013 still immensely get a more than proportionate share of resources.

When you consider outstanding ranking on a world scale for both the popular National University of Singapore and the eminent Nanyang Technological University indicate that their quality money has been put to beneficial use in placing Singapore on the international stage. However it is vivid that much goes to primary and secondary school Singapore education which actually benefit every school child.

By good management the cogent mass education from primary all the way up to university level has been well taken care of. The primary focus has been on mass education and the brightest.  Singapore has efficaciously moved on proclaiming as an affluent nation with best Singapore education system which expediently produces good results.

There are two thirds of those in the gifted education program reportedly attaining tuition from private sector firms like the Learning Lab and Mind Stretcher Learning Centre.   If this is diverted in the case of those students away to more educationally and economically disadvantage students then it could be vivid for many parents who already offer a rich environment. The popularity of Study Singapore concept has become visible among students.

According to 2011 estimate from the government indicates there were about 13,000 special needs students professionally identified from primary through secondary schools and special education schools.  In order to assisting the integration into mainstream schools, there are allied educators, numbering about 1,800 with regard to the establishment list under the Ministry of Education budget 2015. Moreover there are over 180 primary schools and 150 plus secondary schools, of which their vital task is a rather large one as close intervention is usually needed. The chant for Study in Singapore has grown immensely among students and parents.

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