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New drug education toolkit launched for teachers
5 Nov 2015

New drug education toolkit launched for teachers


In a latest news source it is revealed that New drug education toolkit launched for teachers. A new anti-drug toolkit for educators has been successfully launched to assist equip educators with knowledge on drug abuse, and offer cogent guidance on how they could support and keep youths away from baleful drugs.

The Preventive Drug Education (PDE) toolkit was enumerated at the ACT Conference on At-Risk Youths. The popular toolkit was first recommended by the Task Force on Youths and Drugs (TFYD) and was marveled by the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB), with inputs from the Ministry of Education (MOE).

It offers details and qualitative advice on the following topics:

  1. Details on the commonly-abused drugs, the effects and dangers associated with abusing these drugs and inhalants, the respective penalties for the possession, consumption or relevant trafficking of these drugs in Singapore.
  2. Contacts and help lines which quality educators could easily refer to for additional guidance if they encounter a student with drug abuse menace problems, or if they need more details on drugs.
  3. Expedient Rehabilitation programs available to youth drug abusers to assist their rehabilitation from drug abuse.
  4. Suitable findings of a study on young abusers commissioned by the TFYD and professionally conducted by Home Team psychologists. It offers details on the profiles of youth abusers, their sincere motivations, risk factors and expedient views on drugs. It also pragmatically lists the telltale signs of potential drug abuse among passionate students, and ways that educators could assist them say ‘no’ to drugs.
  5. The accurate laws protecting modern youths from the drug threat and the considerable penalties for committing drug or inhalant-related offences.
  6. The suggested lesson plans that educators could easily utilize to conduct activities for their students, when teaching them about the baleful nature of drug abuse. It is also recently enumerated that students are much involved in the novel concept of Study in Singapore.

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