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4 Dec 2015

NTU is top in Singapore for quality research: Nature Index Global


According to popular Study Singapore Educational Consultancy the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has been ranked 40th out of 200 education institutions in the latest Nature Index Global for the quality of its research. It is vividly reported that they are quiet ahead of top universities like Duke University and University College London.

It was also explained that NTU also leads in the index for Singapore, overwhelmingly surpassing National University of Singapore (NUS) at 42nd place, and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research in 107th place.

Mostly all universities and colleges in Singapore are eager to get good rankings for luring their new passionate students. The Singapore colleges and universities are qualitatively initiating their prosperous developmental schemes how to frame better global rankings in order to thrive fame and popularity among international audiences.

They also reveal that the top three institutions ranked in the index are the Chinese Academy of Sciences in China, followed by Harvard University in the US, and the National Centre for Scientific Research in France. Eventually with respect from Study Singapore Educational Consultancy, Singapore is ranked 15th out of 100 nations, up two places from last year.

More over interestingly the Nature Index Global tracks the author affiliations of about 60,000 high quality scientific articles published each year, spanning 20,000 research institutions worldwide. This popular index was first launched in November last year.

These familiar achievements are nothing short of spectacular for NTU’s School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences that was established only 10 years ago. They also consider as a perfect testament to the school’s strength in amassing outstanding faculty members over the past decade. NUS’s position is as strong recognition of the university’s high quality research and strong capabilities.

So in conclusion from Study Singapore Educational Consultancy NUS remains committed to growing the translational impact of our research, and applying their efficacious expertise and discoveries in novel ways to marvel value and benefits for Singapore and beyond.