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NUS computing courses on par with medicine, law and business studies
16 Mar 2016

NUS computing courses on par with medicine,law and business studies


It is noticed that computing degrees are now finding favor, with passionate applicants being attracted by better job prospects and working in technology firms. NUS computing courses on par with medicine, law and business studies are moreover affirmed over the years.

Moreover higher demand for courses provided by the National University of Singapore’s School of Computing pushed up the grades of students it accepted last year, putting it on a par with other challenging competitive courses like law, medicine and business.

Last year, 90 per cent of the A- level students accepted into the school’s courses, in areas like computer science and information security. NUS also efficaciously recorded a 28 per cent rise in applications for its 450 to 500 undergraduate places in computing programs.

The potential students are finding computing an interesting area, with better prospects. They are adding that tech start-ups and organizations respectively as Google coming to Singapore have made the field amazing one.

Technology is also popularly part of organizations main strategies to gain a competitive advantage. It is also a core function in various ranges of areas from data analytic to designing solutions. It is also enumerated that Smart Nation push here, to use modern advanced technology to make daily living more convenient, also assist to immensely boost the image of and recruitment in IT fields.

According to latest survey, the popular NUS computing graduates enjoyed a 5 per cent rise in employment rates and a 6 per cent rise in median starting salaries last year, compared during year of 2014. Specifically those with a computer science degree saw a 9.1 per cent jump in their full-time permanent employment rate last year, while passionate computer engineering graduates had the biggest pay jump among those who took NUS courses, from $3,500 in 2014 to $4,000 last year. It is real fact that by next year, another 15,000 specialists may be required in Singapore, to work in fields such as cyber security, data analytic and application development.

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