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11 Sep 2015

NUS Law students triumphs


According to Study Singapore Educational Consultancy a team from the National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Law has successfully emerged top in the inaugural Herbert Smith Freehills Competition Law Moot. It is after fending off competition from European law schools. NUS Law students triumphs has become major news source.

This successful team is made up of final-year students Jeremiah Lau, Benjamin Wong and Lisa Tan. They have claimed victory over the University of Amsterdam’s team in the finals, after finishing the preliminary rounds as the top scoring team in the competition of simulated court proceedings.

It was held at King’s College London in Britain from June 12 to 14, the competition also saw the students leave with individual honors. Tan won the Best Oralist Prize with a massive score of 50 out of 50, while Lau and Wong finished as joint runners-up alongside two other respective students. The Chant for Study in Singapore has becoming so popular among students.

Moreover Tan pointed out that jet-lag and fatigue posed a challenge to the team, along with the familiar fact that their European opponents were more popular with European Union competition law.

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