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6 Jul 2015

Pathway Program Courses available in Curtin University of Technology, Singapore


Among various fields of immense development the educational field too got adverse improvements. In order to take same phase as in other fields of development, new kind of Pathway Program courses are introduced for welfare of global students.

Therefore the global students are widely exposed with lot of options in studying numerous pathway programs that marvel in our global education society. So with huge regards from popular Study Singapore Educational Consultancy they efficaciously recommend and suggest Pathway programs courses that are effectively conducted by Curtin University of Technology, Singapore. It is confirmed that there are beneficial kind of transfer programs available for prosperous courses. They are namely as

Campus transfer: 1 or 2 semesters in Singapore Campus and remaining in Australia Campus

Pathway Programs for Bachelor Degree Courses

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication)

Pathway Programs for Master Degree Courses

  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Supply Chain Management

Eventually in final analysis one could search many several advantageous familiar Universities which expediently permitting aspiring students to study both in Singapore and Australia, by taking up valuable Pathway course. By completing quality Pathway course the passionate student would specially equip enormous knowledge and skill sets.

The latest development from Curtin University of Technology, Singapore emphasize that they are conducting beneficial pathway program for Bachelor Degree namely in Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts. It also meant that pathway programs for Master degree courses are as valuable as any other course.

It is also confirmed that they cherish many advantageous aspects so that the prosperous student’s choose transfer program to Australia which would be immensely eligible to do part time job for respectable hours per week in order to earn while they are effectively undergoing studying. With various Pathway program courses that exist in our educational field the reputed Study Singapore Educational Consultancy recommends global students to undertake in Curtin University of Technology, Singapore.

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