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25 May 2016

PSB Academy rolls out Go places campaign


The popular PSB Academy embarked on a campaign to invite polytechnic diploma graduates to “Go Places” with an undergraduate education experience that is more industry-ready and cosmopolitan. The news of PSB Academy rolls out Go places campaign has been appreciated from all corners.

The integrated campaign, which message: “Go Places with PSB Academy”, would be efficaciously carried on digital and social media platforms, at its road shows, as well as on print, buses, train platforms, outdoor video screens and home channels. PSB Academy is regarded as Singapore’s leading private education institute, it is their responsibility to contribute toward creating the workforce of the future by nurturing undergraduates that are industry-ready.

In this age of disruption, education requires to get quality and smarter. And there is no better time than now to draw on our heritage in Singapore’s productivity movement, and actively make productivity matter to millennial, parents.

It is also enumerated that PSB Academy’s in-house Graduate and Employment Survey among more than 400 respondents found that its graduates had a 91% employment rate. Actually almost 87% of them gained employment within 6 months; that 62% of them benefited from the courses in forms of pay increment, promotion, switching to a better job and others; and that 2.1 months on average was all it took for graduates to search a quality job.

As we know better that the success of PSB Academy’s unique brand of industry-ready education experience is perhaps best among all concepts. Singapore’s original productivity champion, PSB Academy focus with so much potential in this climate that is urgently require of graduates who are both cosmopolitan and industry-ready. By this familiar campaign their annual undergraduate fair and have only just begun to tell their story. Eventually PSB Academy rolls out Go places campaign was well applauded by familiar educational consultancy namely Study Singapore.

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