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Quick Facts

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Country Name : Republic of Singapore

Location : An island and islets in the heart of Southeast Asia, between Malaysia and Indonesia Area :710.3 sq km

Climate : Tropical. Average maximum of 31 degrees Celcius and a minimum of 23 degrees Celcius Government : Parliamentary republic

Labour Force : 3.10 million as at December 2010

Major Industries : Electronics, chemicals, financial services, IT and professional services, biomedical sciences & research, oil drilling equipment, petroleum refining, processed food and beverages, ship repair, offshore platform construction, life sciences, entrepot trade

Currency : Singapore Dollar

Population : 5.08 million as of June 2010

Median Age :37.4 years

Life Expectancy : 81.4 years

Population Growth Rate : 1.7%

Ethnic Groups : Chinese 74.1%, Malay 13.4%, Indian 9.2%, Other races 3.3%

Language : English is the language of business and instruction. Malay is the official language. Most Singaporeans are bilingual in English and a second language, commonly Mandarin, Tamil or Malay.

Religions : Main religions are Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism and Hinduism

Literacy : 95.9% of those 15 years old and above

Internet : 181.6% household broadband penetration rate in September 2010

Mobile Phone : 137.4% penetration rate in 2009

International country code : +65  

Internet Country Code : sg