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7 Jul 2015

School of Audio Engineering SAE Singapore


When are your possible intakes?

School of Audio Engineering SAE has three intakes per year: February, June and September. The short courses and certificates courses might have several intake timings

Are your courses recognized globally?

All School of Audio Engineering SAE degree and VET courses are government accredited. So eventually the persuasive qualifications student receive upon graduation are qualitatively recognized all around Australia and globally.

Do you have night-time/part-time courses?

There are few exclusive part-time courses are delivered in the evenings. Some vital diploma and degree units might also have classes scheduled during the evening, respectively between 6.00-9.00pm.

Do you provide distance education?

School of Audio Engineering SAE expediently provides online distance education course options.

How much practical time will I students get?

All School of Audio Engineering SAE courses have a vital focus on practical, hands-on delivery. The quantity of practical time student experience during studies does vary, depending on their valiant course. The student also has wide range of opportunities to utilize campus resources and cogent facilities outside of class time, during campus opening hours.

Will students cope up even they are without enough background in their respective subject?

School of Audio Engineering SAE carefully marvels and focuses to deliver all necessary help in ameliorating the knowledge for pursuing successful career in respective field of studies. The specially designed courses and course units at SAE follow best quality practice for teaching and learning.

I don’t have a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE). What best choices are there for me?

At School of Audio Engineering SAE they specially recognize relevant preparation for study so it does not always require being restricted for formal education attainment

What is the best relationship between the theoretical and practical aspects of any course?

It is believed that successful acumen media graduates would require both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. And it is being vital to know the “how” and the “why” of your industry. SAE courses are expediently marveled to offer students practical expertise and a quality theoretical foundation.

When do really applications close for each intake?

The relevant applications would be assessed for eligibility up to the advertised commencement date of the course. It is revealed that places in the course are capped and filled according to date-received priority. The earlier student’s application is developed, the more likely student to receive a placement. If students are unable to commence the course on the scheduled date, student might postpone commencement by contacting Student Services at the campus.

Eventually StudySingapore strongly recommends School of Audio Engineering SAE programs for benefit of global students. They also suggest utilizing all great opportunity and duly get recognized from international audiences.


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