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4 Dec 2015

Singapore Fortunes


According to Study Singapore Educational Consultancy they enumerate about Singapore fortunes. In recent years, Australia’s University of New South Wales, the University of Las Vegas Nevada and Warwick University have all so much exited, due to some financial reasons.

It is also conveyed that Singapore utilized to publicize their aim of becoming a global education hub, suggesting it hoped the sector would ultimately contribute up to 5% of its gross domestic product (GDP).

In addition the Economic Development Board (EDB), which seeks to bring investments to Singapore, launched the successful “Global Schoolhouse” project in 2002. Actually the popular scheme saw it provided millions of dollars in grants and subsidies to attract top names here. In several ways, it has been quite produced quality and success.
Moreover the French business school INSEAD has been successfully operating their satellite campus. American Ivy League University Yale also expediently launched here.
By sincerely following the high-profile failure of Tisch Asia and other foreign universities, it seems the popular government has virtually changed its tune about attracting more global entrants. The EDB’s professional member conveyed that in recent years the local higher education provision has increased in “diversity and quality” and express about future incoming institutions as being a “complement” to strong all local choices.
A university’s future in Singapore doesn’t only come down to financial considerations. The prominent Singapore is regularly cited for its high quality of life, political stability, low-tax environment and ease of doing business.
According to recent survey and score, The University of Tokyo (Japan) is at first place; at second there is National University of Singapore (Singapore); and at third there is The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong). It is slated that two Japanese, two Hong Kong, two Singapore, two Chinese and two Republic of Korea has successfully booked place in the list of top ten. Eventually the popular Study Singapore Educational Consultancy appreciates the efforts of Singapore government.