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5 Dec 2015

Singapore launched a $45m fund to help small and medium enterprises


In a latest development it is confirmed that Singapore launched a $45m fund to help small and medium enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are much keen to marvel up human resource capabilities could now easily get assistance from expert mentors. It is also noted that the popular enterprise development agency Spring Singapore has set aside $45 million for a new beneficial scheme to professionally assist SMEs ameliorate staff training and prosperous career progression pathways.

Moreover the familiar SkillsFuture Mentors Program, focus to develop up a pool of 400 mentors who would provide expedient support to 2,000 SMEs over the next three years. Even small businesses could be employers of choice.Everyone has appreciated about Singapore which has recently launched a $45m fund to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) strengthen their learning and development capabilities. It is also applauded for their build up of branding as employers of selective with lucrative career development and global growth opportunities.

The fund would permit SMEs to marvel the skills of their employees, deliver quality internships and conclusively participate in the SkillsFuture Earn and Learn Program. The eminent SkillsFuture Mentors would be matched with eligible SMEs to assist them shore up their learning and development capabilities. The SkillsFuture Mentors would be efficaciously matched to eligible SMEs over a nine-month period to create and successfully implement the mentor-ship plan. The first batch of Mentors has been professionally picked by a panel including qualitative representatives from SPRING Singapore, Institutes of Higher Learning and the industry.

It is enumerated that many SMEs face talent attraction and good retention challenges due to a lack of experience and resources to put in place robust training plans with necessary career progression pathways for quality employees. In recent times there is strong evidence that Study in Singapore concept has become popular among students. The SkillsFuture Mentors would sincerely assist SMEs enhance their learning and development practices to marvel a quality workforce that actually supports business growth.

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