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26 Nov 2015

Singapore meets Unesco education standards


With rising popularity of Singapore education it is proudly noted that Singapore meets Unesco education standards. Singapore had met primary school enrollment which target set at an Asian education conference and was successful of offering primary school places to all six-year-old by 1966, then Education Minister Ong Pang Boon enumerated in 1965.

By establishments of new schools, there was no likelihood of a shortage of primary schools in Singapore in the near future, Mr Ong conveyed at a UNESCO conference of Asian education ministers in Bangkok in November during 1965. Earlier a shortage of primary schools meant that some children from the rural areas could be admitted only at eight years old, he noted. During the period of 1960 Karachi conference of Asian Education Ministers, a focus was set to have primary school enrollment at 20 per cent of a country’s population for 1964.

The eminent Mr Ong illustrated that Singapore had met the target, with an respective enrollment of 350,000 out of a population of 1.7 million for that year. In Singapore, the demand for education is so immense that universal primary education has, in fact, been successfully achieved by the Government’s provision of schools and teachers, without having to resort to legislation to make primary education compulsory. It is also noted that the Primary education in Singapore is free for children born in Singapore, or whose parents are Singapore citizens.

The teacher-pupil ratio of 1:35 that was set as a possible target in the Karachi plan had also been successfully achieved in Singapore, Mr Ong included. During the year of 1965, Singapore had 12,400 teachers to 360,000 pupils, or a teacher-pupil ratio of 1:29.The Karachi plan had also called for a teacher educator to teacher trainee ratio of 1:15. This respective ratio was 1:29.4 in Singapore for 1965, with 160 full-time teacher educators to 4,700 teacher trainees.

In modern times the concept of Study in Singapore has grown immensely among parents and passionate students. Mr Ong also enumerated that Singapore would spend $53.1 million on the salaries and lucrative allowances of teachers out of a total recurrent expenditure of $64.5 million. It was actually 82 per cent of the total, against the Karachi plan’s target of 50 per cent of the total.

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