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Singapore Poly students design Call Police app to fight crime
18 Mar 2016

Singapore Poly students design Call Police app to fight crime


Amidst joy it is happy to note that Singapore Poly students design Call Police app to fight crime. Just imagine you wish to call the police for assistance, but are being chased by someone hardly able to breathe and convey the police of your location over the phone. A new app that professionally enables users to dial 999 with the press of a button and sends the caller’s particulars with location to the police directly might be a life saver tool.

It could also send a message to the user’s family to notify them of the emergency call. The app, Call Police, was on efficaciously displayed at the Singapore Polytechnic’s annual Project Showcase, which exhibits more than 200 third-year student projects. This popular showcase spans across 12 disciplines at SP, from game design, modern landscape architecture to advanced digital media.

It is enumerated that this popular app was the result of six-month collaboration between officers from Jurong West Neighbourhood Police Centre and five business information technology students.

When people call the police, since they are panicking, they are actually unable to locate their specific location. Mostly they would perhaps mention icons or buildings around them. Eventually it may result in inaccurate locations and precious time wasted in locating the caller. This popular app would eliminate this problem.

Call Police also comprises another key feature. “Let’s say you’re getting harassed or running away from someone – a shrill alarm could be effectively activated by shaking your phone vigorously. The police confirmed the student collaboration but declined to offer further details.

Besides the Call Police app, other highlights comprised a marketing campaign to end the stigma against dyslexia. They worked with members of the Dyslexia Association of Singapore to tackle the fear and shame associated with the learning difficulty. Eventually the popular educational consultancy namely Study Singapore proudly appreciates the invention of Call Police app to fight crime.

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