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7 Jul 2015

Singapore Student Visa Requirements


The professional members of Study Singapore educational consultants reveal success stories about several global students who pursue their passionate global careers in Singapore. For anything to achieve he or she has to undergo Visa process successfully. According to think-tank of Study Singapore they consider rejection rate is low for Singapore Visa as far as students are concerned.

It is trusted that there is no fixed set of requirements. The only thing one has to fulfill is undergoing normal procedures. The students have to submit the documents, and while ICA makes a decision. You should follow a full-time course at a recognized educational institution, and the premiere institution submits the application on student’s behalf. It is therefore required to have adequate educational credentials. Then depending on age, one should have completed secondary or tertiary education. The relevant forms are properly filled with adequate supporting documents all being checked properly.

Everyone knows that Singapore has the ever popular ambition to be a regional education hub. So in general, the global student pass process is kept as greatly accessible and expediently streamlined as possible. Nevertheless, only in rare instances the rejections do occur in certain cases. The global students always run through in their mind about asking themselves of how long it takes to process a student pass application. The answer is so simple. The relevant application could be as fast as two weeks, but it’s safer to assume that it would take 4-5 weeks until approval.

It is believed that everyone wants to know about the difference between a Singapore student pass and a Singapore student visa? Actually it is No. In Singapore, every visa is considered as a “pass”. So there are several terms like Student pass, Social visit pass, Dependent pass, Long term social visit pass, Employment pass and S-Pass (a form of employment pass). All these “passes” generally termed as visas in several countries. But in Singapore they are called as “passes”. Otherwise, they don’t distinguish from visas.

Checklist for student visa & all documents must be certified by notary public or commissioner of oath:

1, Birth certificate or Affidavit

2, Passport front & back photo copies

3, Complete Academic documents

4, Work experience certificate

5, Explanation letter (If students have 6months gap)

6, IELTS / English medium letter from school or college

7, E-form 16

8, E form V36

9, Parents Income cert & salary slips or Affidavit from parents

10, Bank covering letter

11, Saving bank statement / FD receipt

12, Passport photo with background (JPEG image)

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