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8 Jul 2015

Singapore University of Technology and Design



According to Study Singapore organization they regard SUTD as Singapore‘s fourth autonomous university, marveled in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Singapore University of Technology and Design has main mission to ameliorate advance knowledge and blossom technically grounded leaders with acumen innovators for expediently serving societal requirements.

SUTD has been efficaciously marveled as a vivid discipline which cuts across the curriculum and offers a novel cogent framework for the research & Educational programs.

It is also revealed that the University is in key collaboration with Zhejiang University (ZJU) which thereby primarily distinguished by their unique east and West academic program. They naturally incorporate quality elements of technology, entrepreneurship, management and acumen design thinking. They also viably proved that MIT faculty has played a major successful role in creating a valuable blueprint for the curriculum, comprising their best structure with career earning degrees to be provided.

Beneficial Courses

According to Study Singapore organization the SUTD undergraduate students are granted either a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science degrees with a major in

· Architecture and Sustainable Design (ASD)

· Engineering Product Development (EPD)

· Engineering Systems Design (ESD)

· Information’s Systems and Technology Design (ISTD)

They also provide an MIT-SUTD Dual Masters’ Degree Program with a full-time leading to a degree from both MIT and SUTD. In addition the popular SUTD also provide Ph.D in each of its four areas of focus pillars.

Unlike other normal schools where students train on very specialized disciplines, SUTD students are efficaciously taught to think in a broader scope conglomerating multiple domains. They effectively train students with lot more vision on creative thinking not just in the technology and design part, but also to be so acumen creative in cherishing good ideas out of the academic environment into the real global market. Eventually SUTD is the only other institution in Singapore apart from famous Yale-NUS College to expediently follow a holistic admissions process. In a positive perspective Study Singapore recommends global students to take up any courses in Singapore University of Technology and Design.


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