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4 Dec 2015

SkillsFuture Program


It is considered that SkillsFuture Program would be grand success. The Singapore government would offer every citizen over 25 an account containing 500 Singapore dollars about $350 to apply to whatever continuing education each person deems relevant and wholly necessary to his or her passionate ambitions. Much would depend on the successful implementation, of course, but the acumen idea is that individuals would vote with their feet on the basis of real-time experience and that providers would actually succeed or fail as a result of the perceived value of what they provide.

In theory, the efficacious program would be as beneficial for those with previous formal education as for those returning to school for some improvement of their knowledge. Many might utilize it to put a technological gloss on more earlier studies or training.The expedint implication is that those candidates who use the funds productively and efficaciously would have their accounts replenished, and their credentials correspondingly enhanced, over period of time.

Other beneficial skills-centered educational programs being practised in Singapore might reflect good goernance. You could have Earn and Learn, for instance, whereby educational institutions, comprising some focused on technical training, would be encouraged to marvel programs in conjunction with employers in areas prioritized by the efficient government, respectively as cybersecurity.

The beneficial students would receive up to 5,000 Singapore dollars as an incentive to attend, and the employers would be rewarded financially as well. There would also be SkillsFuture Fellowships, providing 10,000 Singapore dollars for those who marvel their craft further, as well as government-coordinated internships that could be readily interwoven with more traditional studies. In present situation the popular concept of Study in Singapore has become prominent among students. And all of this is in the context of a national system of career counselors of online “career portals” where people could use to plan their futures.

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