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11 Dec 2015

STEM Inc, Science Centre Singapore to introduce applied 3D design


Stratasys professionally announced a major partnership with STEM Inc, Science Centre Singapore to introduce applied 3D design and 3D printing learning programs for primary, secondary, and junior colleges. By this important development it would give young passionate students first-hand access to and experience in 3D printing with additive manufacturing. Eventually with these expedient skills they would form the next generation of brilliant acumen minds.

It is also reported that the reports that the 3D printing market is set to reach $17.2 billion by 2020; that the 3D bioprinting market would successfully reach $1.82 billion by 2022; and cogent 3D printer shipments are expected to keep doubling in size every year. One has question in their who will be leading and pushing for innovation in the 3D printing industry, as well as scientific innovation more passionately? The prosperous bright future wholly depends on preparing the next generation of big thinkers by educating children and students involved in beneficial educational programs that would lead them to STEM-related careers.

Everyone knows that it is accurately the goal of STEM Inc, a unit of the Science Centre Singapore established in January 2014 dedicated to igniting student’s zeal for fields like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Through hands-on efficacious activities, talks and learning journeys, STEM Inc strives to nurture Singapore’s future STEM workforce, which would be vital to building the nation’s economy.

By this prosperous new partnership with Stratasys, a leading global provider of 3D printers and 3D printing solutions, students of all ages would have certainly access to 3D printing machines, and obtain necessary guidance on everything from conceptualization, to 3D design and qualitative final production. The partnership was pragmatically formed after two-day pilot workshop earlier during this year, where passionate students from four schools were invited to 3D print toys, model planes and pique their interest in 3D printing technology. In recent times it is widely noted that modern global concept of Study in Singapore has become common among zeal students and parents.

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