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Students turn to crash courses
27 Oct 2015

Students turn to crash courses


In modern education system the Students turn to crash courses for ameliorating grades. Everyone turn towards “crash courses” in physics and economics at tuition center Quintessential Education Centre. Each beneficial course comprised two four-hour sessions, in which students are brushed up on concepts likely to appear in the exams and marveled answers that examiners look for.

The students feel that it would be best to clarify my doubts and get an novel idea of the vital topics which would be tested. These prosperous cram sessions are growing in familiarity, with more teenagers signing up for them ahead of the N-, O- and A-level examinations. There are hundreds of secondary school and junior college students have attended such beneficial courses, which might last from a day to a few months, trusting that these would boost their grades at the national exams.

There are at least 30 such courses have been or are being conducted this year. While some are held during the school holidays, others take place days before students appear their exams. These fast sessions in the form of workshops or seminars are developed to assist students build up their confidence, clarify their relevant doubts and spot questions likely to figure in the national exams.

You could find some tuition centres which provide such courses said their intakes have risen by at least 10 per cent from last year. It is also revealed that few are oversubscribed and have waiting lists of up to 15 students each. One could witness fees range from $180 to $900, depending on the duration and level of study. These beneficial courses cater for between 10 and 150 students.

In present context the chant for Study in Singapore has become prominent among students and parents. The intake for Quintessential Education Centre’s short courses for various O- and A-level subjects, such as chemistry and general paper, has wholly risen by 60 per cent from last year.

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