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4 Dec 2015

SUTD admits record 386 students for fourth intake


In a latest news source from reputed Study Singapore Educational Consultancy it was enumerated that SUTD admits record 386 students for fourth intake. This popular Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), which opened its Changi campus on May 9, have admitted a record 386 students this year. The reputed university conveyed that it received about 2,500 applications and accepted more than 400 students this year. But in the end, 386 took up the offers and started classes this month.

It was earlier thought that institution’s intake numbers had previously raised questions about whether it was being too selective. While it opened during the year of 2012, it revealed that it could take in up to 500 students. Though they received more than 4,000 applications that year, but it admitted only 340. While for the next year, they took in only 283, and last year it viably accepted 332.

According to Study Singapore Educational Consultancy the SUTD explained the shortfall in the first year by conveying the popular university had gone for quality, not quantity since of the rigorous beneficial curriculum it had marveled with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. They also reveal that officials also enumerated that the first year’s intake was higher than in the next two years since the school had drawn applicants from two different cohorts of students, some of few had been virtually wishing to wait a year to start classes.

While commenting on this year’s batch, SUTD conveyed that the increase in numbers and the continued high quality of students were particularly encouraging. They illustrate that their best efforts to raise awareness of SUTD among global students, teachers and parents, through targeted outreach program and engaging workshops.

It is also noted that apart from having good grades, the passionate applicants require to write a 500-word essay about themselves. They are also specially invited to submit portfolios and videos by sharing their valid blogs to support their cogent applications. Finally shortlisted applicants then go through a panel interview.