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7 Jul 2015

Top Reasons to Study Abroad in Singapore


Top Reasons to Study Abroad in Singapore

The technical members from Study Singapore enumerate about the top reason why students to choose Singapore as perfect destination for studying. Singapore is an excellent and cosmopolitan city residing at the prime heart of Southeast Asia. It is geographically situated between Malaysia and Indonesia, though Singapore is regarded as a small island of around 720 km2 and with a huge population.

They are well-known as a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country in Asia. Singapore is generally characterized by a quality education system almost with a massive literacy rate of 96%. Singapore is also well-established business and industrial community with a relatively strong financial centre, a vital regional trading centre and the globe’s busiest port. It provides the best of East and West global environment with tainted Asian tradition. This small country has built up a global reputation as a hub for world-class education and research, qualitatively attracting overseas students, persuasive researchers and acumen professionals from all over the world. Moreover they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their proud independence in a grand fashion.

Major Factors

1. Claimed to be One of the fastest-growing economies in the Asia-Pacific region

2. Regularly voted as one of the top places to live and work in Asia

3. Global Business hub home to over 7,000 multinational companies

4. Well reputed corporate and public R&D investment

5. Efficacious national transport system and easy access from over 150 cities worldwide

6. Multi-Strong culture of innovation and entrepreneurship backed by large investments

7. Flexible Education system based on a bilingual policy (English with Malay/Mandarin/Tamil

8. More number of overseas students around 18% of the total student population

Best Life, Culture and Leisure in Singapore

Singapore is sometimes nicknamed “The Little Red Dot” because of their size. Even though being one of the smallest countries in the world, Singapore is regarded as the major force on the economic stage. Singapore is overwhelmingly a city-island, well popular to be cosmopolitan with a strong multi-cultural heritage comprised up of 4 ethnic groups, Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians, all with a popular unified Singaporean identity. This multi-cultural environment has been included to by expatriates living and working in Singapore, each cherishing their own traditions and culture.

Singapore’s exclusive geographical position makes it an ideal base to visit Asia and it is simple to explore Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, China or India all no more than a 5-6 hour flight away. Thus eventually the professional members of Study Singapore encourage global students to take up educational career in Singapore for ameliorating their prosperous job career.

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