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7 Jul 2015

UK MBA at PSB Academy Singapore


University of Nottingham MBA at PSB Academy Singapore

The professional core members from Study Singapore Educational Consultancy enumerate about Nottingham MBA course at PSB Academy Singapore.

The Nottingham MBA Singapore taught at the PSB Academy in Singapore specially focus to marvel the expedient management skills needed in finance and related services. This course immensely meets and participates in the increasingly global business environment.

This beneficial course according to Study Singapore would offer global students with instruction of the creation, operation and management of business in the sectors of public and private. They provide a perfect combination of conceptual knowledge, technical skills, qualitative problem analysis and adept personal development appropriate for the modern global business environment.

This valuable program involves collective participation in group work with course members from various different industrial and commercial backgrounds. It is also focused at ameliorating the decision making capabilities of cogent participants and generating excellent managers of the highest quality. This beneficial course is provided on a part-time basis in Singapore in qualitative collaboration between the Nottingham University and PSB Academy in Singapore.

The global applicants to the Nottingham MBA Singapore are also need to meet the following requirements like being a graduate of an any approved University holding an honors degree or a relevant professional qualification regarded equivalent to a first degree with honors.

Moreover the students are duly expected to have three years or more of full time work experience with a relevant management dimension. It is mostly said of five years for the Executive MBA program. Or the students must preferably attaining graduation from your first degree. They offer two acceptable references mostly one academic and one from business. They also could give evidence of English Language Proficiency.

The Study Singapore EducationalConsultancy conveys that the Nottingham MBA is universally ranked and the School is among the few in the UK to attain both EQUIS and AMBA accreditation standards. They are also recognized as one of the world’s top schools for professionally integrating sustainability issues into all of their prominent MBA programs.

Apart from that the popular Nottingham University Business School is EQUIS accredited (European Quality Improvement System). The interesting part is that EQUIS accreditation applies to the business schools at all Nottingham’s campuses respectively in the countries like UK, China, and Malaysia. It is also conveyed that on individual score, they are popularly placed as 12th for salary percentage increase and 19th for education experience. Eventually Study Singapore Educational Consultancy strongly recommends this Nottingham MBA course which is efficaciously taught at the PSB Academy Singapore.

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