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4 Sep 2015

UN Permanent Representatives on Singapore Education


According to reputed Study Singapore Educational Consultancy it is affirmed and noted that UN Permanent Representatives on Singapore Education was well appreciated.  It is also revealed that Six Permanent Representatives to the United Nations (UN) are in Singapore for a study visit organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

In a latest development the professional delegates come from the Republic of Benin, the Republic of Cabo Verde, The Gambia, the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, the Republic of Sierra Leone, and the Republic of Suriname. These delegates met with Second Minister of Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs Masagos Zulkifli, for discussing issues related to the shared concerns of small states, comprising the increasing vulnerability to economic and environmental changes in the modern world.

It was also conveyed that the delegates would be in Singapore and possibly meet with Second Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs Albert Chua and Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew. The chant for Study Singapore has become evident among global students.

Moreover they also would make visits to the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, the Tuaspring Desalination plant, the Marina Barrage, the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay, the Institute of Technical Education, the Singapore Aviation Academy, the Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Center for Livable Cities. Study in Singapore has flourishing among passionate students.

This quality study visit comes under the inaugural Forum of Small States (FOSS) Fellowship Program. The popular FOSS was founded by Singapore during the year of 1994 to be an informal platform for small states. It refers to countries with populations fewer than ten million. They normally discuss and foster common positions on issues of mutual concern. The FOSS Fellowship Program efficaciously aims to foster better understanding and closer cooperation within FOSS states.

They also convey that Singaporean authorities have treated education as an urgent strategic necessity, which has in focused driven Singapore’s swift transition from the Third World to the First. According to reputed Study Singapore Educational Consultancy the Singapore has nurtured a results-oriented educational system built around the globally significant, and culturally-neutral, centrality of mathematics and science.


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