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6 Jul 2015

Unemployment rate dips slightly in first quarter for Singapore


In a latest development the reputed Study Singapore Education Consultancy convey that unemployment rate dips slightly in first quarter for Singapore.

The unemployment rate dipped in the first quarter of 2015 for Singapore according to figures released by the Manpower Ministry (MOM). It is also conveyed that seasonally adjusted overall unemployment rate fell to 1.8 per cent in March 2015, from 1.9 per cent in December 2014. For prosperous citizens, the unemployment rate was 2.6 per cent, down from 2.7 per cent, while the rate for residents was 2.5 per cent, a dip from 2.7 per cent. Moreover the overall employment grew in the first quarter of 2015 by 2.9 per cent, cherishing the total number of people in employment to 3,624,200. Although this rate of increase was actually down from the 3.7 per cent in December last year.

Singapore is exceptional, as a small country; if Singapore is not exceptional it would be pushed around by others. According to Study Singapore Education Consultancy Singapore’s economy is in a unique position now and is also taken seriously by much larger countries. It is the largest foreign investor in China and Indonesia, countries which are 250 times and 50 times bigger than Singapore respectively. It is also affirmed that global leaders came from all over the universe to attend.

The high respect of people have for Singapore has assisted the nation make friends in other countries, given it a voice about persuasive events that affect it, and permit it freedom of action to advance their beneficial interests. Moreover the investors foresee potential here and workers enjoy more global opportunities to advance. In order to succeed, Singapore would require three important ingredients: a profitable economy, hardworking and skillful workers, and efficacious leadership. Eventually the Study Singapore Education Consultancy praises the efficacious steps taken out by Singapore government for sake of people.

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