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30 Nov 2015

UniSIM to offer degree course in social work


Singaporeans who have the calling for social work would have another beneficial degree pathway from next year. UniSIM to offer degree course in social work is glad news for all. SIM University (UniSIM), which begins providing full-time degrees last year, would provide a Bachelor of Social Work degree from next year. The popular National University of Singapore professionally provides a social work specialization within its Bachelor of Social Sciences degree. The immense focus of UniSIM’s new social work degree course would be hands- on, practice-based learning, like with other UniSIM degree courses.

All passionate students enrolled in the four-year direct honors program must complete and pass 1,000 hours of supervised social work in volunteer welfare organizations to graduate. They would also be required to go abroad to undertake a prosperous service-learning project. The beneficial intensive internship would enable them to apply instantly upon successful graduation to the Singapore Association of Social Workers as a Registered Social Worker-Provisional.

UniSIM provost Tsui Kai Chong enumerated the new beneficial degree would greatly assist meet the need for more social workers. The cogent sector, which has about 1,400 accredited professionals, experiences an annual shortfall of around 130 social workers. With the special accreditation, prospective employers would be immensely assured that candidates have the right training and are competent. This would ameliorate their employ-ability and professional image.

In modern times of advanced global education the concept of Study in Singapore has become prominent among students and parents. The passionate graduates could have enriching careers in family service centers, children and youth centers, beneficial hospitals, hospices and other community or social service agencies. It is also revealed that UniSIM would also launch a full- time degree course next year dedicated to a comprehensive study of logistics and supply chain management. The other eminent universities provide supply chain management courses in business or engineering schools. The new course was marveled in efficacious collaboration with the Singapore Logistics Association (SLA).

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