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UniSIM to offer master's course for non-profit leaders
26 Feb 2016

UniSIM to offer master’s course for non-profit leaders


It is proud of hearing UniSIM to offer master’s course for non-profit leaders. There are quite few of courses to train leaders in the social service sector would be successfully rolled out this year. They comprise a master’s program, the first of its kind here.

It comes amid a growing charity sector as well as greater demand for leadership and management training so that charities are run efficaciously. The Master of Non-Profit Management (MNPM) program would be professionally offered by SIM University (UniSIM) from July. They actually cover topics respectively as governance and finance, social policies, social innovation and fund-raising.

It is also enumerated that non-profit organizations (NPOs) have a special quality that needs an innovative way of management – the leaders require balancing the sustainability and charity. Striking this balance is vital to run charities expediently. Eventually so leadership programs in the sector have been developed elsewhere – in the United States and Hong Kong, too.

The MNPM students could earn a professional certificate if they complete three core courses, or a graduate diploma for completing six. They require completing another four electives and a research project to earn the master’s qualification.

The MNPM program was efficiently developed by UniSIM, in collaboration with the Social Service Institute (SSI), which is the training arm of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). They are also one among the programs under the SSI’s new Non-Profit Leadership Initiative, which specially focus to build up the skills of social service leaders at all higher levels.

Moreover they range from preparing new leaders in their roles to engaging existing senior leaders with more in-depth program content. The efficacious initiative makes it simpler for social service organizations to structure career development opportunities. Finally the popular SSI hopes that the 1,000 training places for the numerous beneficial courses under the initiative would be actively filled in the coming years. Altogether the popular educational consultancy namely Study Singapore proudly appreciates this great effort of UniSIM offering master’s course for non-profit leaders.

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